History and Background of Jeev Aashraya

After witnessing the degrading conditions of stray animals, which are forced to live in unhygienic conditions without sufficient food, it became an earnest need to form an animal welfare organization dedicated towards the animal welfare. We are blessed with a rational mind that is capable enough to differentiate between right and wrong. We are also endowed with a gift that no other species is blessed with, the gift Of Speech. We are granted the power of words to express our sufferings and feeling. But unfortunately, our fellow mute companions have been deprived from these favors. They silently devour all the wrongs and injustices caused to them. Being the member of the superior race, it’s our moral responsibility to speak for them. Being provided with a resourceful mind, it’s our sole duty to furnish them with the basic amenities like food, shelter, medication, etc. Apart from the basic amnesties, animals also look for love and compassion. They crave for warmth and empathy from human beings. They need an organization which will not only provide them a roof to live, but also with the necessary care and companionship. Kanha Upvan is an animal shelter which gives a roof to thousands of animals. Being taken care after by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation, It required a dedicated and efficient organization for its smooth functioning. Just then, LMC along with the SPCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Jeev Aashraya Gaushala, giving it the rights and responsibilities to administer the animal shelter in a seamless manner.

As the toll of animal abuse and ill-treatment was rising, it was becoming mandatory to set up an animal welfare organization in India which will soulfully and heartily work with a sole purpose of succoring animals that are in deep distress and danger. Jeev Aashraya took birth on 16th December, 2012, with a prime incentive to benefice the creatures whose sufferings have been ignored since long. Despite the fact that LMC along with the SPCA was associated with the shelter, Jeev Aashraya came forward with unparalleled and innovative ideas for the cause. It was due to the plausible efforts of Mr. Anoop Singh (President), Mr. Yatendra Trivedi (Secretary) and Harshita Deo (Manager) that the organization has been able to offer their services to the ones that have been heard the least. Jeev Aashraya is a non-profit organization that is dedicated towards the well-being of the animals- especially strays. Our vision and commitment is to free animals from any kind of injustice and brutality. We ensure that the animals inhabited in the shelter are bestowed with an eco-friendly environment with an open green landscape so that they feel connected to nature and animal lovers. With more than 1450 animals at our shelter home (Kanha Upvan), we believe in conserving them with compassion. We have set up a clear goal of benefitting our faunal heritage and serve them with utter dedication. The organization envisions and strives to connect all the animal lovers and create a world where no animal is rendered homeless or die a painful and indifferent death. The organization still has a long way to go but it has certainly not given upon its faith that one day will surely achieve what they aim to do.

What we do ?

Jeev Aashraya is an organization formed for animal welfare in India. Our sole purpose is animal rescue in Lucknow India, and to provide animal shelter and free veterinary service for the sake of well being of animals.

We feel animals give us unconditional love and as a human it is our duty to reciprocate it. Our entire organization is dedicated to animal protection and release animals from injustice and pain. We have also put up dogs for adoption in Lucknow, for the people who can take care of them.

We strive to create a world where animals can lead a peaceful life and receive the love they deserve. We respect Mother Nature and believe in faith. We aim to fulfill this dream one day.

Currently, our organization is running free animal rescue helpline services throughout the city. We also organize various programmes for awareness in schools, colleges and fests. Our prime motive is to establish a strong base in the field o animal welfare.

More and more animals are dying a tragic death in a road accident. Some are unfortunate enough to die on the spot whereas some die due to lack of immediate medical aid. We seek to provide immediate veterinary services to the animals. Jeev Aashraya is the only organization doing animal rescue in Lucknow, U.P, India.

Aims and objectives

Jeev Aashraya is an animal welfare organization operating with a sheer motive of establishing animal shelters and veterinary services all over the country, to secure animal welfare. We aim on reducing the number of animal deaths caused by the ill-treatment or the road accidents. More and more animals are dying a tragic death in a road accident. Some are unfortunate enough to die on the spot whereas some die due to lack of immediate medical aid. We seek to provide immediate veterinary services to the animals. Similar to human beings, animals also have the right to live and lead a healthy life. We also aim to build a shelter home for the rescued animals and furnish them with best kind of medical facilities as well as nutrition. We aspire to create a nation, where each and every stray animal gets a roof and no animal dies famished. A nation where every animal receives all the basic amnesties of life leads a life which is healthy and fruitful. We strive to drive all animal lovers’ attention towards the noble cause of animal welfare and make them aware about the Animal Rights. Our aims also include enlightening more and more people to go for adoption of a pet instead of purchasing one. This will not only gift the animals with a homely environment but also bring down the practices of animal trafficking. We have also set our sights on introducing an awareness programs in schools and colleges, to educate the younger generation about the animal welfare practices promote a much humane education system.


We strive to initiate a veganism drive and completely abolish animal slaughter. Jeev Aashraya is an animal welfare organization in India with the largest animal shelter that works with a main mission is to provide safety, comfort and happiness to every creature. It focuses on stray animals by providing them with the basic amnesties of life-food, shelter and medication. It also promotes the idea of adoption and appeal to everyone to opt for adopting a pet rather than purchasing a one from animal marketers. Our organization seeks to provide an unparalleled platform to the animal lovers so that they can come up and be the voices of these mute souls. We endeavor to engender a world where no animal is left homeless and food deprived. We are firmly hostile to the practice of animal testing. Animal testing leads to genetically impairments in animals and leave them with the life long side effects of the same. We work towards mobilizing people and requesting them to abolish the use of products that undergoes animal testing before reaching the market. Animal testing is simply animal cruelty.

We have set our sights to drive people’s sensitivity towards the non-injurious animals. Our world today is becoming less and less aware of the pain and suffering being inflicted on animals, conditions of the animals is becoming more and more tarred in the society. We aim to instill a sense of belonging for animals in the hearts of the people and request them to consider their companion beings as their moral equals. We spread awareness among people by making use of different media like newspaper, magazines, protest march, social networking sites, etc. Animal Rights is a debatable topic in our country. Most of the cases of animal abuse involve individuals who claim to be the owner of these animals. Unfortunately many of them still believe in the primitive ideology that there is nothing wrong with abusing animals. Not many are fully aware about Animal Rights, so it is our moral duty to comprehend people about the same. Jeev Aashraya intends to encourage maximum number of people to come forward for this benevolent and divine mission of animal welfare. We whole-heartedly work with the motive of CONSERVING WITH COMPASSION.


In today’s world of urbanization and industrial development, the one who are suffering the most are the mute companions of ours. They are hardly noticed by the superior race which we term as ‘humans’. The agonizing and deteriorating conditions of these innocent souls can’t be overlooked by us anymore. It’s so true that our Flora and Flora have been treated with a great deal of disregard by people. We have been blessed with these assets so as to cherish them, not to bypass them.

Jeev Aashraya, an animal welfare organization in India, has a clear vision of infusing animal ethics in the hearts of people. It is an animal welfare organization primarily focused on working for the betterment of the stray and homeless life forms and provides animal shelter. Our organization strictly disapproves the inhuman act of animal abuse, hurting animals in any way, production of leather from animal hides, slaughtering, hunting, poaching, etc. It also discourages the practice of non-vegetarianism, in which the harmless innocent animals are chopped up into pieces just for pleasing the taste buds of few. It’s our moral duty to survive on this planet without sacrificing the existence of other fellow species and without deranging the natural balance of the ecosystem. Our organization supports and promotes the idea of ‘live and let live’.

Jeev Aashraya sternly criticizes the malpractices of hunting and poaching of animals, adopted by some people just for the sake of fun or the monetary benefits. These animals were not granted to us as a commodity for commercial purposes like trade. Our organization aims at inducing the sense of empathy among people, so as to reduce such practices or cease them completely and provide animal shelter.

Jeev Aashraya is optimistically looking forward to a society where all the people realize the significance of all the life forms present on the Earth and establish close relationships with them. We aim to develop our organization as a platform for the animal lovers, which will serve as a meeting point for all the devoted animal lovers to come and deliver their philanthropic services for animal welfare. We are working towards building a nation with a wider concern about the well being of companion animals.

Our Shelters

Kanha Upwan


Gomti Nagar

Working activity with Shelter

A home is a place where we find peace and comfort. Today, everyone in this world is placed happily in a four-walled structure called HOME. But there are some poor species that are devoid of this basic necessity in life. Here at Kanha Upvan, We grant these animals a place which they can call their home. We try our level best that they get everything of their basic need at our shelter. Our shelter offers them a roof over their heads, with a loving and compassionate treatment. The campus has large open terrain, which is suitable for animal grazing and roaming. Here at Kanha Upvan or Nishantganj, each animal is handled with utmost affection and forbearance, because we believe in Conserving with Compassion. It is one of the largest animal shelters in India.

Established on the 7th of August 2010, Kanha Upvan is 54 acres wide animal shelter in India. It is an animal shelter in Lucknow that provides shelter, medication and food for thousands of stray animals. It is home to those whose sufferings go unseen and unheard.

It was inaugurated by the former chief minister Ms. Mayawati Devi. Later, ownership was granted to the Lucknow Municipal Corporation, who not only aided the shelter financially but also provided the required manpower. Over time, a dedicated and efficient organization was required for the smooth functioning of Kanha Upvan. Jeev Aashraya was given the rights and responsibilities to run the shelter in a seamless manner.

Animal Sheds

The Kanha Upvan is the pre-eminent Animal Shelter that is semi-furnished with number of sheds totally dedicated for stray animals like cows, bulls, calves, dogs, etc.

World of Kanha Upwan (Our Main Shelter)

  • Nandi Shala- Shelter for Bulls
  • Bhairon Charan Kunj- Shelter for Dogs
  • Shri Krishna Gaushala – Shelter for Cows
  • Hanuman Vatika –Shelter for Monkeys
  • Veterinary Hospital – The Free animal rescue hospital for animals

Rescue Activity

A homeless animal that keep on wandering on the streets many times gets him injured or hurts. Our ambulance along with the emergency veterinary team approached the site without any further delay for treatment.

As soon as we receive any call we approach the location with our ambulance to provide immediate treatment to the victimized animal. Initially we provide first aid to the animal inside our ambulance and take them to the Hospital inside Kanha Upwan for their better care. We have our helpline numbers 8009392222, 8009521111, 9919914444 for animal lover to call us immediately whenever they find any animal in need.

Cost analysis of Sheds and Medicine

Covered Area= 1950 sqft.

  • Tin Sheet cost= 800/Sheet
  • Required sheet= 100
  • Total Cost of sheet= 800*100= Rs. 80,000
  • Iron Rod and iron Bamboos=Rs40-45/Kg Iron
  • Approx Cost of Iron= Rs 50,000 (Approx)
  • Bricks Required= 10,000
  • Cost of Bricks= 6.5*10,000= Rs. 65000
  • Labour Cost= Rs. 50,000 (Approx)
  • Cement Cost= 250/per bag
  • Tin Sheet cost= 800/Sheet
  • Required 100 bags
  • Cost of cement= Rs.25000
  • Miscellaneous Cost= Rs. 50,000
  • Total Cost for shades= Rs.3,20,000
  • Monthly medicine cost= Rs.1.5 lac
  • Total Need for one shelter = Rs. 4,70,000
  • Total collected amount= Rs. 60,000 (from different sources)
  • Shortfall = Rs 4,70,000 - 60,000= Rs.4,10,000

Thank You!