Talwar Group

US$ 400 Million Group, established by the Talwar family in 1931 in Peshawar, Pakistan. The Group’s manufacturing prowess has transformed it into an Automobile Component Manufacturing conglomerate.

Covers Major Automotive Components like:

  • Automotive Friction Material

  • Gaskets & Gasket Materials

  • Steering Parts

  • Oil Seals

  • Automotive Axles

  • Brake Fluids

  • Sheet Metal Components for Vehicle Suspensions & Steering Linkages

  • King Pins

  • Spine Shafts and Forgings

  • Rubberized Cork Materials and Components

  • Engine Mountings

  • Steering and Axle Boots

  • Brake Discs

  • Retailing Passenger Cars & Car Components (Mercedes Benz)